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Jun 05, 2005


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» Tech blogger chooses the Treo from treo Addicts
Technology blogger and Mac developer, Janet Tokerud, finally chooses her smartphone. After extensively comparing devices like the Blackberry 7100, Sidekick II and the Treo 650, Janet went for the Treo. “In the end I decided on the software rath... [Read More]

» Treo 650 vs. Blackberry 7100 from PDA Handheld News
[Source: tech ronin] quoted: I'm just about ready to choose one of these two great handheld phones. I've got a Blackberry 7100t that I've been testing for about 5 days and my Zire 72 doing its best to proxy for the Treo 650. I've read virtually everyth... [Read More]


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